A multitude of us.
A nuance of our personality.
A narrative of our greys and reds.
An expression that the world will embrace.
A story that the community will narrate.

Plethora aims at helping each individual face an audience, to tap into the fears of public speaking and help them communicate better.

The idea of the workshop is to allow the participants to indulge in a process of self belief and exploration in communication that is beyond what we have often been exposed to.

As we work on ourselves each day, validation, society and the people around us have a significant impact on us. Plethora comes together to provide a platform to interact, create dialogue and break the knots of the fear of public speaking, which also involves daily employment interaction, client dialogues and communication with a friend as well.

At plethora, we hope to help face the bigger picture with confidence, self belief and create a louder voice to these extremely important attributes as we grow into adults.

Details of the workshop:


The workshop will be a three-four hour workshop

Session 1:

Focusing on Ice breakers, stage comfort, ambiance and helping the participant warm up on stage. This session will include each participant to come up on stage and talk about any topic for about a minute. Before which each of them will have to write down their biggest fears of public speaking, thus helping them to tap into their fears and reflect on the same.

Session 2:

This session will work on the aspects of public speaking and what makes a confident speaker, along with this we hope to sow the seeds of self belief and create a dialogue of these topics. In order to understand the nuances of communication, activities will be introduced to break the ice amongst colleagues and fun interactions will be introduced, adding a new perspective to communication.

Session 3:

After session 2 the participants are more aware of what it takes to communicate well and we introduce an impromptu session with a general take away and their performance as newly explored speakers. We talk in just 15 participants in one session as this is an extremely hand son experience that the participants will indulge in. Every individual we believe has several personalities in one strong personality, we all are a combination of our strengths and weakness, of successes and failures and experiences and illusions that have moulded us to be who we are. At plethora we believe that every story has its form of expression, an attribute that truly makes you your best version.

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